Thursday, August 23, 2012

McKayla Not Impressed

McKayla notices the Warning and isn't impressed

Filming was taking place today

McKayla isn't impressed because she wasn't asked to participate

As we make our way up the Parade Route....

McKayla notices that there are no more Radiator Springs Racers FastPass.  She is not impressed!

McKayla wants to get wet since it's hot, but isn't sure she wants to wait 45 minutes ride Grizzly River Run

A raft being pulled off for a Guest

I can't remember if I have already taken a picture of this, but the umbrella at Screamin's entrance since it matches the new queue awnings

Now your Duffy can be a Jedi Knight

Halloween antenna toppers

I love seeing the reaction to Guests when they ride Radiator Springs Racers

While standing on the Blue Sky Cellar patio, McKayla notices that Cars Land is busy

Yup! She's not impressed. It is a bit too crowded for her

McKayla wants to try out Luigi's Flying Tires because she wants to toss some beach balls.  But when she notices that there are no more beach balls to play with, she is not impressed

But people seem to be having fun

I wonder if these people are "forced" to smile and act like they are having a good time.  If Cast Members are "forced" to smile, why can't Guests. ha ha

Who's mocking who?

I wonder why I feel like dancing with Disney all of a sudden

This Snow White looks like something you'd find painted on the side of a child's Ferris Wheel at a carnival

Shake your booty

Glow with the Show ears ... never out of stock

I guess Silver Medalists need not apply for the film shoot.  McKayla is not impressed

The extras for whatever what being shot in the Main Entry Plaza

I hope this guy isn't taking a picture of me

With the breeze blowing, these flags are somewhat pointing me towards Disneyland

The two movies to vote for

McKayla isn't impressed with the movie selection.  She can watch them on Blu-Ray at home

Some Annual Passholders signing up for the viewing

McKayla notices the wait times on several of the popular attractions

Carnation Plaza Gardens transformation into the Fantasy Faire

Looks like they placed a piece of concept art on the construction wall

This looks like it might be interesting when completed

Part of the Castle wall that has been obscure is now seen

McKayla hopes the Pirate League that will take place in the Court of Angels isn't permanent. She loves this quaint area of New Orleans Square

Adventureland themed carts

Poster Art of the Disney Parks book is in stock in several stores inside Disneyland

Halloween decorations

Heading back to the Toy Story Parking Lot for the day

That will conclude today's pictorial
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I want to thank Shawn and Julie Hanks for the inspiration of this weeks pictorial


  1. The joke got old fast, McKayla not impressed

  2. I'd color correct her a bit, it's very cut and paste.

  3. ^^ It's not supposed to look perfect. I thought it was funny.

  4. I don't get it. Odd post.

  5. This was hysterical. McKayla not impressed that this week's magic eye is over. Glad someone else noticed how ungrateful she was at the Olympics.

  6. I'd rather you didn't mess up your reports like this.

  7. I enjoyed the McKaylas