Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Pretty Warm Day at the Disneyland Resort

Wow! I was able to make it to the Disneyland Resort today :)

It's almost 1pm when I get to the Disneyland Resort

Heading to Disney California Adventure

With it being quite warm today, a number of Cast Members were able to adjust with the heat by removing a piece of clothing

Over at Grizzly, it looks like an extended altered FastPass has been set up. Probably due to the heat and the demand of FastPass the water ride would generate.

From the Ocean... the dessert

With it being hot, ice cream sounds like it could hit the spot

It looks like there are not that many beach balls for Luigi's Flying Tires.  It was suggested to remove many of them due to Guest injury.  Even though there are less beach balls on the field, load and unload time seemed to be faster. And after a few rounds, it seems like more Guests were enjoying themselves.  Often times I would watch and people had that "we waited all that time for that?" look. But watching it four times, three of those times, Guests were clapping at the end.

I need to step into a cool air conditioned place

It's an open door policy

Met with one of the locals on Buena Vista Street

Disneyland time...

Progress on the Princess Fantasy Faire construction

Some frame work can be seen

Time to check out the netting on the Jungle Cruise boats. Apparently there has been an uproar of its installation because little kids "can't see through the netting".

Hmm... looking at this diagram in the queue

It even shows some sort of netting.  Was this placed after the recent addition to the boat? Or was this always here, overlooked?

Ladies and Gentleman, I show you... the netting!

Sit down little Timmy!

Holes in the netting so one can see through it.

I didn't seen any kids stretch their necks nor more than before when there wasn't netting around the boat

That will conclude today's pictorial

Thanks for stopping by.

Until Next Time ... which may be next Friday


  1. That red head dancing next to the giant white cat is pretty hot.

  2. Make no mistake. guests DO enjoy the Flying Tires ride. Every single time I have watched (and rode) people were enjoying themselves.

    The key thing to remember is you have to LEAN TOGETHER in the direction that you want to travel. Truth be told, it is much easier if you are riding by yourself; you can really get moving fast!