Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Treat - Visit to the Disneyland Resort

I had time today to visit the Disneyland Resort before it gets really crazy with the June 15 relaunch of Disney California Adventure

Finally completed the entry way for the Toy Story Parking Lot Buses

Traveling in, and then to the right

While walking along, caught a glimps of some new banners along Harbor Blvd

New banners adorn the Main Entrance Plaza

These banners are from the recently new attraction posters

The only attraction poster that was recently created that doesn't seem to be included is "Silly Symphony Swings"

Ooo.. one of several new ticket picture designs.  I saw a red one with what appeared to be Snow White on it.

Let's grab out Ticket and go inside...

The newly repainted mural over at "it's tough to be a bug"


A Cast Member at the entrance to "it's tough to be a bug" wears the new costume

The only one that didn't make it into the letters seems to be "Ramone's House of Body Shop"

Getting ready for the media that will take place in the next couple of days

Over by the Baby Center / First Aid, this could be considered a "4th" entrance to Cars Land. You have the main entrance, Bugs Land entrance, Pacific Wharf entrance, and this entrance which is behind Filmore's and Sarge's Surplus Hut

Looking towards the new mural

I feel that all that is missing is Alice

Finally finished with the facade for Taste Pilot's Grill

Over at Grizzly River Run, the Cast Members are wearing their new costumes.

They remind me of like something someone fly fishing would wear

Pretty cool!

Heading towards Disneyland

New costumes for the survey takers as well

A look at all three color bobsleds

With the new bobsleds comes a new height requirement of 42".  Sounds crazy that kids 40" and under can enjoy attractions like Splash Mountain, Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain... but can't ride the first thrill ride of Disneyland.

Monorail time...

Construction continues at Princess Fantasy Faire

This blimp really destroys my perception that I have stepped back in time to the turn-of-the-century.

That blimp had been circling around the Resort the entire time I was there.

The walls around Disney California Adventure's entrance planter have been removed

Disney California Adventure's new map in braille form

That will conclude


  1. Thanks, Mint! You're always on top of things. This Denverite appreciates all your hard work!

  2. Thank You!!! I'm a huge Fan!! Keep up the Good work!! :D

  3. thankssssssssssssssss

  4. Everything is looking really good. I'm looking forward to Friday's big opening. I notice it wasn't in your update so the answer I'm assuming is no, but have they put a new sign at the entrance to Hollywoodland yet?