Thursday, June 21, 2012

Six Days After Relaunch of Disney California Adventure

Getting to the Disneyland Resort around 7:50am and the Guest demand to Disney California Adventure looks light

Across the way at Disneyland, there is hardly anyone going in.

Stepping into Disney California Adventure

Let's grab our ticket and go

Looking around Buena Vista Street, some new red, white, and blue bunting adorns the buildings

I wonder if this will only last until July 4th, or if it last through the Summer season like it does over on Main Street USA in Disneyland

The line for Radiator Springs Racers FastPass now is just one long line that passes in front of the Carthay Circle Theatre

Walt with a smile on his face

Guests waiting for Hollywood Land to open with the Park

A Red Car Trolley greets the Guests waiting.  The FastPass Distribution for Radiator Springs Racers line goes along Hollywood Blvd

The Park just opened and Guests are being walked to Cars Land

And the line for Radiator Springs Racers

A new poster in Elias & Co

Goofy dancing to the music of "5 & Dime"

And the rest of Disney California Adventure doesn't look busy

The vines! the vines!

They are dying

What are those little hut like structures in the distance?

A new Churro cart

And a cart for Phineas and Ferb merchandise

It reminds more of something you'd fine near "it's a small world"

Another new stand

The new palm trees that were recently planted

Arrows now point the direction on how to exit the stationary gondolas at Mickey's Fun Wheel

Looking at the recently opened Cars Land from Mickey's Fun Wheel

New poster frames have been placed on the billboards in Paradise Pier

The Garden Dining poster has been corrected

Guests enjoying Radiator Springs Racers

Disney's version of a Snuggie

Looks like there is a fair happening yonder

I was wondering what people were taking pictures of.. then I saw it.  Do you see it?

A very crowded street

Inside the Blue Sky Cellar

This woman was very fancy dressed

Disneyland time..

Really?!  They still advertise "The Many Adventure's of Winnie the Pooh"

The infamous "Tormorrowland" and "Roger Rabit's Cartoon Spin"

John Storbeck

John watching the Matterhorn mountain climbers

The row I was in for the Matterhorn Bobsleds

Construction continues the transformation of Carnation Plaza Gardens to Princess Fantasy Fair

Aww.. a bear from "Brave"

Wait, what's inside?

A child!

That will conclude today's pictorial
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  1. There's also a Hidden Mickey on the wood post in the same picture with the wire. It's the first one towards the top.

  2. Carsland looks like a nightmare with all those people. They should of just demolished DCA and rebuilt it as an entire Cars themed park. That would of raked in the $$$$$$.

    1. I hope you're kidding...

  3. I wonder what Octane the BUTTe Gas is?