Friday, June 8, 2012

On the Home Stretch to the Relaunch of Disney California Adventure

Because of work, I was "out of town" pretty much every day this week during the day, so I could only visit the Disneyland Resort in the early evening

About to head inside Disney California Adventure

Wait, this doesn't look like Disney California Adventure!  This is Disneyland.  Because I needed sunlight for the Monorail shots of Buena Vista Street, I had to go to Disneyland first

Carnation Cafe

Carnation Plaza Gardens transformation to Princess Fantasy Faire

Manny Monorail in operation

Buena Vista Street.  Over at Elias & Co, Modest Assortments can be found

There is a giant crate in front of the Carthay. Could this be the Walt and Mickey statue

Matterhorn bobsleds being tested

This is what the line looked like for the Monorail.  I couldn't believe how busy is was.  Autopia was down at the time, not sure if that had anything to do with the high demand

Wait, I already got this.. opps!

Cast Members attending a preview event for Cars Land also go to check out Buena Vista Street.

This is what caused Autopia to be temporarily closed.

Matterhorn sign is back at the chalet

Princess Fantasy Faire

Now it's time for Disney California Adventure

Looks like the white posts have been painted with the same blue as the fence

New outdoor vending carts are appearing, along with their new costumes.  I just have to say I love their new costumes.  I couldn't stand the blue and red.

Street signs are being placed on street lamps throughout Buena Vista Street

Sta .. Starbucks? ;)

New billboard!

Over at Cars Land, there was a Cast Member preview event

Props from Tow Mater's Tall Tales inside his junkyard queue

Look at the light flowers!

Looks pretty cool.  I bet they light up at night :)

Looking towards Luigi's Flying (not spinning) Tires

The costumes for Luigi's / Maters

Because there will be no outdoor vending carts in Cars Land, it appears that the Outdoor Vending Cast Members will be doing "stadium vending". That is, walking the street and queues selling their items

Another look at the different props from Mater's Tall Tales

Since when do Cheetos, Doritos and Potato Chips classify as being "healthy foods" at Filmores ? ha ha

Luigi's Flying Tire hats

Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop

First time inside

Love the mural

It even animates

Ding Ding Ding went the trolley


There's gold in dem mines!

"G-G-G-Goooooooollllllllddddd! I found gold!"

Seems to be very popular

A sign for the Official Fast Pass Distribution Radiator Springs Racers that will display the Return Window for RSR Fast Pass at the old "it's tough to be a bug" fast pass distribution area

Goofy almost ran into me in his snazzy suit

Balloon vendor

Big Top Toys

Oh look, there's Pluto

One of the flower beds in front of Clarabelle's Ice Cream

Elias & Co chandelier

That will conclude this Thursday pictorial
Thanks for stopping by and checking it out

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  1. Those Luigi's Flying Tires hats are hilarious. :)

    Great update!

  2. I'm going to be picky to one tiny detail: that would be a Cable Car and not a trolley in the Ghirardelli display. Sorry pet peeve from a Bay Area native :)

    Otherwise amazing post as usual!

  3. Looks great. Too bad the DLR costs a billion dollars now. Maybe I'll visit one day if I win the lotto.

  4. Thanks for yet another great update, Mint! Can't believe we're only a week away!

  5. Now that I look at the hats, I can't believe I bought one.

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