Thursday, September 22, 2011

Never Know What the Day May Bring

Getting to the Resort today, there were long lines at the bag check.  Thankfully they opened a third one shortly after I got there

Once through bag check...

Looking at the entrance to Disney California Adventure

And looking at Disneyland's Halloween themed entrance.

Some of the old Greeting's building facade is being torn away.

Entered Disney California Adventure towards Mickey's Fun Wheel.  Along the way, the Little Mermaid attraction was closed, Goofy's Sky School was having a delayed opening, and Silly Symphony Swings had yet to open.  With those attractions as well as California Screamin', that could only mean one thing for me... that Mickey's Fun Wheel would probably be busy.

I was actually surprised that it was still a relatively short line for the non swinging gondola.

- Mickey's Fun Wheel -

Cozy Cone Motel construction

Radiator Springs Curios

Some work taking place at Luigi's Flying Tires

Looking at the Carthay Circle Theatre from the Wheel

Some wire mesh taking place on the backside of Cars Land mountain range

A closer look at it.  We will see it even closer a bit later

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree from Mickey's Fun Wheel

Tree have been placed around Luigi's Flying Tires

One of Luigi's Flying Tires is quickly seen

With 4 attractions down in Paradise Pier, it makes for a long line (for the stationary gondola) at Mickey's Fun Wheel.

California Screamin's new loop has reappeared

More painting at Screamin's launch

The wire mesh being installed along the backside of Cars Land mountain range

Another look at Screamin's loop

Over at Duffy's corner, the area is themed to Halloween.

This is probably the most Halloween themed area in the entire park.  Tower of Terror lobby isn't themed

Some structure will be seen on the backside.  It won't just be a flat back

Taking a look at Cars Land from Blue Sky Cellar Patio

Space Mountain can be seen peeking in the background

Palm trees have been planted next to the Pump House

Carthay Circle Cupola

Palm trees?  I thought the Imagineers wanted to get away from the palm trees, cause they make you want to look up and away from eye level.

Maybe the palm trees will only be the only in this area of Buena Vista Street.  The palm trees may compliment Carthay Circle Theatre's tall tower (not pictured). Whatever the reasons behind it, I think they look good when looking down the parade route.

Greeting's buildings facade being torn away bit by bit

The building frame of the Toy store, ice cream and bakery building

Several lamp posts appearing next to the Pump House

Heading out of Disney California Adventure

- Disneyland -

HalloweenTime is in full effect

Walking down Main Street U.S.A. and heading to ride the "tram of the future"

- Monorail Orange -

Passing by the construction work on Buena Vista Street

With two monorails in operation and a short wait, decided to ride again.  This turned out to be a red devil.  First, we couldn't move.  I don't think this monorail had anything to do with it.  But on the way back to Disneyland, we are passing by Indiana Jones when all of a sudden we slow to a stop.  We were there for maybe 5 minutes.  But the Pilot never came on the speaker to tell us anything.  I was just hoping we wouldn't have to evacuate.

This time to get some shots towards the entrance to Disney California Adventure

Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy now appearing for HalloweenTime

From the Future to the Ol' West...

Day of the Dead in Frontierland

Haunted Mansion Holiday

The lightning in the portrait gallery hallway made me feel as though I was going to have a seizure.  It was frequent and rapid. I don't remember it being like before or in it's non-holiday form.

Madame Leota in her christmas ornament

This years gingerbread house

At the same time I was snapping away, someone else snapped a shot with a flash


Heading down Main Street U.S.A.

These signs...

Two shades ?  Have they always been like that?

Looking across the Main Entry Plaza towards the old Greeting's building

The Toy Story buses loading/unloading work has completed.  The road was sinking from the weight of the buses. So they had to make the areas concrete where the buses stop

That will conclude today's pictorial at the Disneyland Resort.
Thanks for your patience and stopping by.

Until Next Time...

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