Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day Before HalloweenTime

Today started as an overcast day

Heading into Disney California Adventure.  Because there haven't been a lot of Guests in the Park lately, thought we could show up a bit later than normal.  It seemed busy as we made our way into Disney California Adventure

The Greetings Wall has a big hole in it!

Taking a different route this time. Heading towards the Carthay Circle Theatre

The Carthay Circle Theatre was topped off with the cupola last week

A new planter has appeared next to the Condor Flats sign

Looking back at the Bur-r-r-bank Ice Cream, Engin-ears Toys, and Bakersfield Bakery with the facade ripped off

- Mickey's Fun Wheel -

More structures being built near Cozy Cone Motel food stations

The backwall wood panels of Luigi's Flying Tires looks like they're getting stained or painted

More trees showing up in Cars Land

Launch finally getting blue paint

Lights in Screamin's station being painted red

More new railing toppers being added

The facade is starting to come down on Greetings

Tower of Terror is a Halloween themed attraction 365 days a year, unlike Haunted Mansion Holiday or Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy

Tower of Terror's gift shop window - a bit more mellow this year for Halloween

Lady Bug Boogie closed again.  It seems like they just go on a day-by-day basis

Another look at the planter before heading out to Disneyland

- Disneyland-

Halloween Time starts tomorrow!

Halloween Time banners run along Main Street

Fist time I have seen Star Tours with only 25 minute wait.  They were not using the indoor portion of the queue either

Nearly completed new concrete

Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy opens tomorrow!

The Disney Villains meet 'n greet is back

Halloween Roundup at Big Thunder Ranch

Haunted Mansion Holiday almost ready

Some possible new drinking fountains will be here.  One could tell that work was done to the ground, as if they were installing some new pipes

Even though wait times were relatively short, the Parks seemed busy

Pumpkins around Walt and Mickey

Looking down Main Street.  The Carthay Circle Theatre cupola can be seen behind Main Street station

The Monorail was closed for a time as they had Red and Orange on the track.  After some waiting, it reopened with only Orange in operation. Red was taken off the line

Getting on Monorail Orange

Taking a look at Buena Vista Street

The pumpkins that adorn the rooftops and windows of Main Street have once again returned

Looking at Pumpkin Mickey as we head out for the day

Another look at the hole in the Greetings store

That will conclude today's pictorial. I hope you enjoyed looking through the many pics
Thank you for your patience and time

Until Next Time...


  1. Thanks so much for another great update, MintCrocodile!

  2. Ah man, I wish I still had my AP. I really want to go on Ghost Galaxy! :-(

  3. Love the visual intrusion of DCA from Main Street. Yet another well thought out issue in the billion dollar re-vamp. (kind of like the power lines peaking over the Cars Land rockwork and extedning out the left side ruining the scale and pointlessly preventing what it is trying to hide in the first place) Couldn't they have used a sight-line balloon to adjust the scale before actual drawing and construction began? Wonder how/if they'll fix this.