Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Not So Busy Halloween Time

This morning, the Parks did not seem busy.
Getting the Christmas Tree prepped
Looks like the same ol' decorations as years past
Going to Disney's California Adventure first this time
Looks like the Entertainment Guides got a new design layout
The structure
Close up
Work for World of Color
Anything in there?
Oh my gosh! Is this what everyone has been waiting for?!
A computer in the control room
The long stick with arms all the way up
Another shot of Silly Swings
Projector domes in place
Work being done on the interactive fountain
This group of people, almost everywhere we went, they were there too!
More water!
That thing looks like it's tipping
Once again, more water
* These pictures were taken early this morning, but water started to fill the lagoon in the early evening of the day
Looks like they might spin around. Could these be the water whips Steve mentioned?
Workers should get fame too!
This is looking from the non-swinging gondola queue of Mickey's Fun Wheel
Looking down at Silly Swings
The trees almost block the entire view of Mermaid construction
Cars Land
One of three spots where multiple wires lead to
The area filled in
What is that on the arm?
Looks like this might be used to spray out a fan of water
Mickey has a tail
So this is what the back side of a "postcard" looks like
--- Disneyland ---
The windows to the Magic Shop pays tribute to Houdini. Hard to get a straight on shot. This would probably look better at night
Tilly dressed in her October fest
The moat still drained
The bridge work looks to be completed
Did they polish this, cause it sure was blinding with the sun hitting it
Snow machines
Chip and Dales house being worked on as well
The enchanted Cottage, becoming a cottage
With the theater not being used and only having a meet and greet at the entrance reminds me of something Walt Disney World would do
Lights gradually being placed on the facade
At first, this was to be a shot of a snow machine here, but this obviously this got my attention. Hopefully Disney fixes this. Of course, if they do, all credit goes to me! ;)
Here is the snow machine
May be hard to see, but lights are webbed on top of the trees in the hub
No Gobble Gobble
Ending with a shot of the tree from the Tram
Hope you enjoyed this pictorial. Thank you for visiting
See you next time!


  1. I hope you don't start to go down the road of adding 2-bit criticism to your blog updates like the one's on micechat do. That's the reason I think your's is way better then the ones over there. Reading the rants on the official micechat update blogs makes me wish I could see just the pictures without the childish remarks the authors there seem to love to add. Report the story, don't add to it.

    Other then that, I look forward to your update each week way more then the ones on micechat.

  2. Hi MintCrocodile, thanks for sharing the photos. I've been enjoying your updates these past few weeks (having recently discovered your site).

    I don't find anything wrong with colorful commentary. In fact, if done right, it makes the photos even more fun to look at.

    Some Disney focused blogs out there do occasionally get a little too negative and nit-picky, so to that extent I agree with the first comment. But it's also nice that each one has its own style. Keep up the great work.

    P.S. Thanks for putting up the high res shots

  3. Thanks again Mint, I wish I had the time to go to the park on my own. I only live 10 min away =)