Thursday, October 15, 2009

Don't Throw Away, Save DCA

Even with the recent (light) rain Anaheim experienced, it has not kept many people away from the Disneyland Resort. Today started out overcast but quickly warmed up.

Lines at the first tram loading / unloading area

Once there, long lines for the bag checks. Luckily the line I was in moved quickly

First stop was Disneyland

Compared to minutes ago, the skies cleared up

Work finished on the ground between the restrooms and Astro

11:30 am and the Fast Passes were already for 7:30pm!

General waits for the most popular attractions

Moat is still (mostly) dry

Hey, where did the little critter go?

The Villains have a meet and greet by ... "it's a small world"

Work over at the tavern

Small World looks so pretty

... and it will look even prettier at night once the lights are installed on the facade

Closed for now

--- Disney's California Adventure ---

Busy here too, but probably because it closes at 5pm due to Mickey's Trick or Treat

Heading towards the lagoon

Oh great! Let's just put something else in this small area to clog it even more

Filming taking place

He was talking to the camera

The lagoon maystart getting water sometime next week

More trees

Looking across at Silly Symphony Swings

What is that apparatus ? More pics will be scattered through out the rest of the blog

The other tower is getting is paint job

Some have said that this could be used as a mist screen

Are these the LED's that will light up the fountains?

Super eXtended Graphics Array

The interactive fountain

The new slushy stand

It was actually nice to see the trees from this angle. When the walls go down, it may looks great! This is what the Park was defiantly missing when it first opened

Don't forget to see "The Princess and the Frog" in theaters!

Thanks for taking a look.

See you next time

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  1. Great update, Mint. I always look forward to your Thursday updates.