Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Hot Trip To The Park

Normally I always start my day with California Adventure, but with Disneyland getting all the special holiday treatment, I had to go over to there first. Especially with Space Mountain being popular, that was the first place to visit

As I step through the gate...

Mickey is greeting the Guests for the day in his Halloween costume

And in Town Square, the others were dressed in their Halloween themed costumes for all to enjoy

That's Disney for you, let Mother Nature do the hard work of getting all those confetti pieces from the rooftops

Has anyone seen a clock??

First stop, Space Mountain

I look over and I see some sort of film shoot taking place

...something to do with Christmas. But no time now, gotta go to Space Mountain!

Whoa! 40 minutes. A FastPass looks like the way to go

The speakers for the night time "entertainment" while waiting in the queue are now covered up a bit more in mesh type boxes

Since there is some time to kill, might as well eat. While getting a soda, I had a hard time finding the lids. I circled the soda island two times before finding them in their new dispensers

After eating, I look at the wait time sign for Space Mountain and it was posted at 25 minutes. That is so do-able!

Looks like they redid the walkway

The "landing" got freshen up

Pay no attention to those in the big box

Changing the set up for another segment.

Now it's time to head over to California Adventure.

Tink My Ride?!? Oh brother. But be warned, winner of the sweepstakes will not receive the "tinked out" version of the car. It's only for display

And over here, the characters were in the fall farming costumes

So it looks like Halloween Time in California Adventure is dead. Tower of Terror (ride) was not decked out at all. But not to fear, at least the shop was dressed up a bit.

I don't think California Adventure will be getting the first click from me this month.

Mickey's Trick or Treat merchandise

Now over to World of Color

Are these pagodas getting some new paint treatment? I hope something good happens because they are not very appealing

Not much going on at Mermaid

A new building being erected

And a do-hickey thing

Walls are down! Looks like they shaved off some of the planter for the outdoor vending cart

Looking back

Jellyfish tower done with its paint job

It is time to head back to Disneyland because it is time to use FastPass for Space Mountain

The new holiday balloons

And yet another change for the film shoot

Pizza Port got its 3D sign back

The Castle moat drained

Pirates is closed

Crossing from the Frontierland bridge

Had to make a U-turn to get this shot of a "themed" road sign


  1. Thank you so much for posting these updates, Mint! We all really appreciate it :)