Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween Time Madness

For it being a Thursday, it sure was busy in both parks. People were everywhere!

Long lines to get into California Adventure. But over at Disneyland, hardly a demand getting in, and that is where I am headed first

Going down Main Street, to Tomorrowland to get a Fast Pass for Space Mountain

The warning sign

It looks like expectant mothers could ride Space Mountain if they really wanted to. It is just advised that they should not ride due to the nature of the attraction

Taking a look inside the new Disney Gallery at the old Bank of Main Street

I thought this was done really nicely. I would rather have this art center than it to be used as an Annual Passport center.

These two pieces were in the vault because they cost so much!

This place is a lot bigger than I thought it would be

Looking through a glass window that showed a small room that housed a little desk and some designs on the boards

The Haunted Mansion looks like a place I would not to beheaded

The 50th celebration video with Steve Martin and Donald Duck plays on a little t.v. in the lobby

The giant model that once was in the middle of the lobby is now displayed on a wall

--- Disney's California Adventure ---

Candy Corn dahlias

Looks like they are getting ready to start filling the lagoon


Instead of mirrors, it looks like it may just be a stained/aged cement look

Inside one of the pagoda light houses

Looking over at the future Silly Symphony Swings

The home of the interactive water play area (?)

Mermaid work with some chalk lines

Activity in the the pit where some think Chernabog will rise


Ouch! What happened there?

--- Disneyland again ---

Lights being placed for Sleeping Beauty Castle Winter Enchantment or whatever it is called

Lights in the shrubs

Lights in the trees that run along the moat

A dry grotto


  1. That last picture from DCA where there is the round hole thing in the ground by the PP bridge is where another Palm Tree is going. They just didnt put it in yet because it was going to block traffic while the walls were still up.

  2. It's perfect getting a Halloween event like that because that's the celebration I enjoy the most, besides it's the time where I feel totally mad, I don't know there's something in the environment that gets me crazy.m10m