Friday, November 22, 2013

Rain Dampens My Weekly Visit to the Disneyland Resort

Three days of rain was forecasted in the Anaheim area, according to my weather app.  On Thursday, it was suppose to rain during the day time, but there was hardly a heavy sprinkle.

So when I saw on my weather app that it was suppose to rain today, it only listed rain just before noon.  I was holding out hope that the rain wouldn't come until later in the day.

The sun was out with a few clouds in the area.  Off in the distance, dark clouds loom ahead and I knew that there was a chance that it would rain.

I get to the Disneyland Resort around 8:45 a.m. with a 9:00 a.m. Resort opening.  I decide to go into Disney California Adventure first so that it gets the "click".

Over inside Big Top Toys...

Continuing the Silly Symphony short "Santa's Workshop" theme inside the store

It's just a little after 9 a.m. and so I head over to Disneyland.

The Disneyland Band plays just inside the entrance and I see that Alice and the Mad Hatter are with child

Bert gets into the act

Whoa! I just noticed the handstamp was very heavy in ink

Main Street's Christmas Tree

Since it seems that Cast Members waving with one or two Mickey gloves is the norm now (ughh), the horse pulling the trolley even gets into the "waving" act with its own glove

Hardly a wait for the Jingle Cruise, so I will ride it

A jingle bell for the Jingle Cruise

Little did I know that as part of #LimitedTimeMagic , Guests exiting the Jingle Cruise was getting a special mini sized Jingle Cruise attraction poster

I didn't want mine to get damaged so I went into the Bazaar and was able to get a plastic bag and a rubber band to roll the post up

Once word got out about Free Poster!, everyone ran to get in line. ha ha ;)

See, even he noticed how instantly the line grew

All is quite in the mining town of Big Thunder

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad refurbishment continues

Testing of several mine trains at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

I miss the back wheel.  Ever since the accident 10 years ago, they removed the back wheel.  I was so hoping that they may have redesigned it so that the back wheel could be returned.  I always thought it looked silly without it

The Character Hostess go into the act and sang "Angels We Have Heard on a High"

A Big Thunder train peaking over the second lift hill

Finally got to ride "it's a small world" holiday style

Why didn't these receive snow on them as well? ha ha

The winds starts to pick up and clouds had rolled in. So they are preparing for rain to fall

Heading back to Disney California Adventure

Three+ years and counting for these World of Color banners

More media was along the front side of the Little Mermaid building

Now it is starting to rain. And so I am gonna head out.

Goofy being escorted out of the rain

Watches being sold inside Elias and Company

With the rain, the stores get crowded as everyone heads inside to stay dry

Cute antenna toppers of Oswald

Flags in both Disney California Adventure and Disneyland were flown half mast with the passing of Diane Disney Miller earlier in the week

Even as I head out, people are pouring in

That will conclude today's pictorial
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  1. Always and interesting read and fun stuff to see. I look forward every week to your uploads. I think all the media stuff you saw was for the KOST radio private party for winners of their daily call in contest.

  2. Just so you know, I saw Mickey and the Magical Map last night, and Stitch (the live character) is now included in the Hawaiian Roller Coaster ride segment. Also, when Mickey shows up at the end of the "Dig a Little Deeper" segment, he is now dressed as a mapmaker.

    1. Looks like I may have to see Mickey and the Magical Map again. Thanks for the heads up :)