Saturday, November 30, 2013

Clear Skies and Warm Weather After a Rainy Day Make For a Busy Day at the Disneyland Resort

Yesterday, on my weekly trip to the Disneyland Resort, the forecast called for rain, but only during certain times of the day. I saw that the weather forecast had a couple of hours in between rain fall, so I quickly went over to the Disneyland Resort.

When I got there, there were clouds with sky in the near distance.  All of a sudden, clouds came out of no where and it started to lightly sprinkle.  Soon those sprinkles turned into droplets and then into heavy drops.  By this time I was inside Disneyland on Main Street U.S.A. and it started to come down fast.

At first I thought I would wait it out to see if it clears up.  But I wasn't dressed up for rain and so I knew that if it didn't stop, I would have to just leave and try again on Saturday (which called for no rain at all).  After waiting for about 30 minutes, I decided to leave. And I walked all the way home in the rain.

Today I went back and it was a really nice day.  There were some clouds in the morning, but it soon cleared up and the temperature rose to the low 70's.

Inside the Disneyland Resort Main Gate entry, seeing the American flag waving in the distance

Went inside Disney California Adventure first so it can get the "first click"

Wrist bands were being handed out in front of the Trolley Candy Treats store for hand made candy canes

Going to Disneyland.. but will be back at Disney California Adventure shortly

I wonder how many more riders experience the attraction

The goat has returned, although covered up. ...

And speaking of covered up ....

Can you believe there is a Swiss Skyway Chalet behind all these tree branches.
Word is, that the old Skyway Chalet will be demolished sometime after the 2013 Holiday season.

The post that used to hang the Skyway entrance sign

Whoa! Where did the chalet go?

The inside looks all worn down

Going to go for a leisure "Twain" ride around the river

A Big Thunder Mountain Railroad train sits in the station

I wonder if one of these windows will be used for Walt Disney Imagineer Kim Irvine's dedication window .... if and when she gets one

A pirate version of Mickey Mouse ears

With the warm weather, the crowds are starting to come.

These are probably everyone who skipped out yesterday from the rain are all flocking the Resort today

Back on Buena Vista Street

The train at the base of the Buena Vista Street Christmas Tree blows smoke and makes sounds, but doesn't actually chug along the tracks :(

A very calm bay

What if Triton's staff shot out snow flakes? ha ha ha

Filler pics of people having a good time at Disney California Adventure

When I see this, I keep thinking of the "Ho ... Ho ... Ho" sound effect from the first Simpon's Christmas special.  Where the Simpson's have the worn down Santa decoration

Speaking of Santa ... Does not one want to see Santa this morning?

Walking into Elias and Company ...

And into the Men's dept....

We find these!

These are for those who want the feel of a t-shirt, but the look of a Disney Christmas sweater

4 different designs

Across the way at Trolley Treats, home made candy canes are being made

Inside the Elysian Arcade next to the Buena Vista Street lockers ...

We see you can get ornaments personalized

That will conclude today's Disneyland Resort pictorial
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