Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dragons, Windows, Doors, and More

Running late! Running late! Got out the door late this morning. With it still being Spring Break, I knew I would encounter crowds.  I left my place around 9:45am


It's 10:10am and this what I come to at the entrance to Disney California Adventure

While waiting to get into Disney California Adventure, just taking some shots of the entrance to Buena Vista Street. Here, we see some nice railings

And an awning to go with it

The palm trees that once stood here were removed...probably because they were dead. But with a lot of retheming going on around the area, it was an excuse to get rid of them.

Because of the crowds, heading straight to Mickey's Fun Wheel. When we go there, the line for non-swinging was quite small.  Thought we would have our own gondola. But as we waited our turn, the line got longer and longer instantly.  I am guessing it's because California Screamin' was down so people were making their way down the boardwalk. By the time it was time to load, they started to put small parties together.

Looking over towards the Little Mermaid attraction

Looking over towards Cars Land

Luigi's Flying Tires

Cozy Cone Motel


This was the wait when we got off. Although I think non-swinging is more like 20 minutes

California Screamin' queue roof frames all painted blue

Once again, California Screamin' was down when the Park opened :(

Looking towards the Pacific Wharf entrance to Cars Land

Looking down the main street to Radiator Springs


The warning signage for Tow Mater's Junkyard Jamboree.  We see the height of 32" is stated for the attraction

Heading towards the Carthay Circle Theatre and Buena Vista Street

More tarps have been removed, revealing some detail work

Awning installed for Fiddler Fifer and Practical Cafe

Carthay Circle Theatre

Red Car Trolley wires


Some of these flags were hanging from different wires

Carthay Circle Theatre marquee

Carthay Circle Theatre marquee lights

Carthay Circle Theatre entrance lights

More Buena Vista Street details

The elephants and pedestals are gone from the entrance to Hollywood Pictures Backlot, which is slowly transforming to Hollywood Land

Only the bases of the elephant and pedestals remain

One metal awning for the Carthay Circle Theatre

Soon ElecTRONica will be gone for good

Monster's Inc still under tarps

Looking down Hollywood Land's street towards Buena Vista Street

Good bye plane

No love! No love! They just sheered that thing right off. ha ha

Heading towards Disneyland


All that needs for the picture to be complete is an active waterfall

What looks different now...

The vine that ran along the mountain has finally been removed. I never really liked it as it always bugged me. Hope it doesn't come back

The chalet is under plastic

Monorail time...

Checking out Buena Vista Street

Coming along nicely!

The Lego Store's Dragon from Sleeping Beauty

Matterhorn bobsleds refurb continues

Some new fake trees

Another view of Buena Vista Street.  This time looking towards the entrance

No more vine

Heading out now...


Red Car Trolley station getting roof tiles

That will conclude today's pictorial
Thanks for looking

Until Next Time..


  1. Do you know when the Penny Arcade going to open back up? Thanks

  2. Man those overhead wires are an eyesore. Authentic or not. Looks like a metallic rat's nest.