Thursday, April 19, 2012

Can Hardly Wait

Walking along Harbor Blvd, one can see the side staircase to the Hyperion building

Some painting is taking place

Heading into Disney California Adventure

Flo's V8 Cafe's wingnut recieved a neon trim

Carburetor County sign

Cozy Cone Motel

The finish line banner has been installed for Radiator Springs Racers

Looking at California Screamin's queue

A new tarp has appeared in the far corner

Cars Land from the Blue Sky Cellar patio


The land's sign likely is installed now, but probably not revealed until the Grand Opening on June 15

Some slogans have been painted on the barn to Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

Carthay Circle Theatre

They replaced the one palm tree that had died

New lights hanging

Buena Vista Street construction

Looks like they have resurfaced the bottom half of the Carthay tower

Looking down Hollywood Land

Carthay Circle Theatre

Working on the Carthay tower

Almost all relevance to ElecTRONica has been removed

Top spire of the Off The Page building getting some work

Finally no more stage!

Uncovered finally!  Needs some work done of course.. unless it's just going to get covered up again....

Monster's Inc's facade has been freshly painted. Although the facade is still tacky as ever

Signs of the new Mad T Party that will take place in the area

Does this mean that the Sorcerer Mickey fountain is permanently gone?!?  It wasn't even here that long in the first place.  Disney wasting money like it's nothing..  ;-)

Love the schedule idea

Dial M for Muscle neon sign has been removed

As well as some of the other pun neon signs along the facades

Some rigging left up.. Possibly for a Mad T Party sign?


Carnation Cafe

Looks like the bridge has been modified

Snow slowly keeps coming down the mountain

Buena Vista Street

The back cabin has some sort of scrim on the windows. Saw what appeared to be a facilities CM riding inside it

Simulating lichen, a moss that grows from the dampness of rocks

I hope you enjoyed this pictorial

Until Next Time...


  1. "Monster's Inc's facade has been freshly painted. Although the facade is still tacky as ever."

    Its still ten times better than anything at Six Flags or Knott's Berry farm.

  2. That's not lichen on the Matterhorn, it's peat moss. They throw it on the the rockwork and it effectively stains it and gives it a natural and aged feel. They used the same technique on Expedition Everest in the queue line structures and details.