Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Wigwag of an Update

Lately it has been warmer than it has been all summer. So the goal was to try and get to the Parks early to beat the heat. For the most part, my friend and I did.

-Disney California Adventure-

Got inside California Adventure around 10:20, and still the majority of the crowd is going in the direction of World of Color fastpass

But for the most part, we always head towards the Pier first

The Scream tubes are getting a fresh new coat of paint with a new color

The smoking section that was over by Madness is now closed

Soon the Rustworthy will close up for good

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

Another look at the new paint job

From ground level

They are starting on the big drop's tube

I was told that Mr Potato Head no longer refers to Bo-Peep in any of his sayings

The passage way from Bug's Land to Tower of Terror has reopened

Walking out of Bug's Land

And emerging at Hollywood Pictures Backlot

The Red Car Trolley tracks lead to it's backstage storage house

A new Wig Wag signal

Nice touch! I can't wait to see and hear this in action

Looking into a Bug's Land from Tower of Terror

A new sign welcoming visitors from Tower of Terror area to A Bug's Land 

New parade lights have been installed on some more poles

Soon a new section of trolley track will be installed which will connect Hollywood's street to Tower of Terror


Peeking inside Star Tours

The exit has been walled up

The "earthquake" lift - A new projection of the falling gold seems to have replaced the fiber optic version

Got to take part in a wait time study

-Disney Gallery-

When I saw these tin signs, I thought that they may go great with the 4 Fantasyland tin signs that were issued during Disneyland's 50th birthday, so I bought a set.
Now I Just have to find room to hang them up

A real live person!

Heading back home

Thanks for looking!

Until next time


  1. what did you think of the updated BTMRR projection

  2. Ahh, I was wondering about the projections on BTMRR when I went last Monday! They looked great.