Monday, August 30, 2010

Take A Look - 1996 Tokyo Disneyland Guide Map

The other day, I was going through some boxes and found quite a number of things that I had forgotten that I had. One of the things that was lying on top was a Guide Map of Tokyo Disneyland from 1996.

Just like Disneyland and Walt Disney World ( I don't know about Euro Disney) did away with their Guide Books and moved to more of a fold out style pamphlet, Tokyo Disneyland followed the same pattern. It is obvious that this was the year Tokyo Disneyland opened ToonTown as it's newest land for the park.

The front cover

The map unfolded

You will notice that Tokyo Disneyland was still using the coupon books for admission to the attractions

Four years earlier, Critter Country was the newest land

Attractions that are no longer there:

Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour 
The Mickey Mouse Revue
Skyway to Tomorrowland
Jolly Trolley 

And the Tea Cups are in it's original location before it was moved closer to the Carousel  to make way for Pooh's Hunny Hunt 

Meet the World
Captain EO (which currently returned for a limited run)
Skyway to Fantasyland

Advertising what can be found in ToonTown

the back cover

Thanks for looking

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