Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Chugs Along

Most of the talk of the town this week is how Disney has raised prices.
 Prices may have gone up to get into the Parks, but I am sure Cast Member pay has not

As we can see, parking has also increased it's prices.
I wonder if Magic Mountain has raised it's parking to $20

Advertising for Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland

The price increase to enter.
Magic is expensive! 

This marker found at the entrance of Tower of Terror

Disney has confirmed that the Maliboomer's last day is Sept 6 2010
With it closing for good, and it being close to another "particular date", I just hope they don't start taking the Towers down on that date. Otherwise there might be another uproar like the one that was caused for the recently released Columbia pin that included a piece of dock inside a little bubble

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

Flo's V8 Cafe going up

Toy Story Midway Mania is scheduled to close on Monday August 30, 2010 (according to to install some more gates in the station. Some say that the new gates will supposedly resemble those that will be found at Disney Hollywood Studio's version

In about 2 weeks, the Fun Wheel, Maliboomer (until it closes), and Silly Symphony Swings will share the same Toy Story Midway Mania costume

Now until Sept 6, 2010 Grizzly will open at 9:30am. If they can get a lot of Guests on earlier, this may be one way to help alleviate or control the line that can form later in the day.


It is Oscar's birthday.  For those that don't know, Oscar has been with the company for 50-some years and is the longest employed Cast Member at the Park right now

Star Tours providing some shade

More work on Alice in Wonderland

To help get Guests inside Gepetto's candy store, a new sign was placed out front. And it seemed to work. Going in there, it was crowded!

Looking at the cranes at Calfornia Adventure

While heading out in Fronteirland, a friend had noticed this sign. He thinks it is new, but I can't recall if there ever was a sign there or not

Disney's magic of seeing something new ever time!

That will conclude today's pictorial of the Disneyland Resort

Please be advised that I will be once again out of town from Tuesday - Friday, so the next trip to the Disneyland Resort should be on August 14th

Thanks for looking,
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  1. I doubt anyone seriously equates a space shot with the twin towers, but that's just me. WDW's Midway Mania doesn't have the exit gates yet. They're going to be installed shortly just like the DCA ones.

  2. The sign in Frontierland isn't new :) Nice update

  3. So what about the reports from Disney that Bountiful Valley Farm is closing. What pieces are closing?