Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Work of Wonder

Even though the sun was out, it was a bit cool at the Disneyland Resort
The new sign, which has been up for a while, welcoming my friend and I to the Disneyland Resort
Work continues on the soon-to-be Stroller / Wheelchair rental area
Water being released from the ChernaZurg

Looking at the continuous work on the World of Color viewing area

The ChernaZurg was lowered and then more water was released

Giant Mickey ornaments adorn the bottom portion of the Christmas Tree

Side view of the ChernaZurg

A batch of metal

Silly Symphony work
Time to ride the Fun Wheel

Workers getting some "thank you" attention from my camera

Looks like the back of the half dome projections get a black backing

Looking at a walled off area supposedly the site of a new walkway that will be a route from Bugs Land to Tower of Terror

Noticed these signs at the entrance to the different attractions, except for one

Tuck and Roll was the only one with a detailed sign. Maybe the other attractions will be getting their own detailed sign shortly
Disneyland Time

My friend pointed out that these lights look like the same used for World of Color

Getting ready for Candlelight

Troubadour Tavern finally gets it's name on the building

Totally different than what I was expecting. I was thinking it would be more along like the lines of Sleeping Beauty Castle Walk Thru sign

The pardon turkey

Guests who dine at select quick service dining locations will receive a coupon on their purchase receipt now through Dec 15. This coupon invites Guests to visit select merchandise locations between 10:00 - 15:00 only and receive 20 percent off their purchase

Before heading out, stopped to watch Tiana's Showboat Jubilee. Looks like she has her "winter" add-on to her costume

Thanks for looking =)
See You Next Time