Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blue Skies and Sunshine Guaranteed

With the weather being in the high 70's today, it made for a surprisingly warm day.
Decorations for Honda out at the Tram zone of the parking structure
An smaller electric sign to replace the bigger permanent sign
Disneyland Hotel flag half staff in memory of Roy E. Disney
Grand Californian flag half staff
Work on the Disneyland Hotel
White Water Snacks has such great food
A trunk full of gifts
Disney calls this "festive holiday atmosphere", I see it as an eye sore

The Hollywood Gates are in the far back. The walkway looks kind of small, but it should be finalized later in 2010

Trying to get a snapshot on Fliks Fliers

Lamp post have appeared around the trees

World of Color work

Mudd?? I hope it is someone named Mudd because how can anyone misspell a three letter word M-U-D

I wonder if that camera serves a purpose

I thought he might fall into the water while trying to retrieve the floater

A Fantasmic! boat with possible front lights used from Luminaria

They added the "coming soon" tags so it wouldn't confuse those who are looking for the Cars ride or Little Mermaid
Heading to Disneyland now
Flags half staff
These people aren't afraid of a harmless alligator
With the looks of things, she may be getting the measurements for the walls that will be put up when the river gets drained
Don't mess with this fellow
The Mark Twain with its flag half staff
--- D Street ---
Heading home
This looks freaky with the mannequins inside the car
Thanks for looking
See You Next Time


  1. I just noticed that Tuck & Roll Buggies is on the DCA Fun Map twice.

  2. ^^ There are two red and white tarps, but only one is Tuck and Roll. The other serves for something one really knows...

  3. How or why was this boat used for LuminAria if it says Fantasmic! ? I never saw those fireworks live...

  4. with a weather like this one surely this park will be full all days, is perfect to take this weekend and take a look with your children, the only problem is that you are not gonna be only one with that ideas so be prepare to be patience with the large lines.

  5. It is incredible you have the best pics ever !!!

  6. amazing collection of photos, you offer a complete different point of view of the whole situation, thanks !