Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is There A White Tent Sale Going On

This must be valuable space to rent out since it's right near the ramp to / from the Mickey and Friends parking structure

Not quite set up yet

--- Disney's California Adventure ---

Looks like a clearing has been made

Disney's Electrical Parade will be using the same small parade route Pixar Play Parade uses when it returns next month

Ficus trees appear around the base of the "lighthouse"

Many of the trash cans and recycle bins have received the new logo

What is going on there?

Home Depot ha ha

The far end of the platform was leveled with the water

floating floaters

It seems like they were filling tanks with something

The generator being filled with gasoline in a Target bag

--- A ride on Mickey's Fun Wheel ---

The small building next to Tower with the door open, that looks like it would be used for the Red Car Trolly's

Yeah, I don't think this will be done by the time for the Electrical Parade's come back date of Dec 18th. Although I would be amazed if it did.

Goofy Bellhop antenna toppers

10 times the fun

I have been in this store a number of times and today was the first time I noticed that this part of the wall spelled out "California"

--- Disneyland ---

More tents on the other side where the shuttles and buses drop off / pick up

Hosted by La Brea Bakery

What is with all these white tents?!?

Sylvania, a Siemens company

Have there always been that many crates ?!?

The Princess and the Frog opens tomorrow!

New decoration feathers on the batons

One of Fantasmic's towers is used to light up the boat during the last show

--- Disney's California Adventure ---

The stage raised high

One final look before heading home

Just for the fun of it, this was placed on the rear view mirror

Hope you enjoyed this latest pictorial

Thanks for looking

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  1. Great stuff Mint, everytime I see your updates I so wana hit the park!

  2. The 'crates' along the rivers of america were added for the princess and the frog show. They house speakers for the show itself. They are not able to use the speakers on the island because the mark twain blocks the sound. Not sure if they use these new speakers for fantasmic or not.

  3. You are awesome. I always get a happy feeling when seeing your posts. Thanks so much and happy holidays!