Saturday, December 17, 2016

Tsum Tsum Album : Short, But Sweet

For the past year and a half or so I have been playing Disney's addictive mobile phone app "Tssum Tsum"
I have collected a few of the plush here and there, but not too long ago I had thought to myself if they had any Tsum Tsum music.

I went on Amazon, and for fun i had typed Tsum Tsum music. And you know what? There was a Tsum Tsum music album. I was totally surprised and happy to find that out. And you know what else? The album was released back in late 2014, two years ago prior to this post.

But my happiness soon tunred to disappointment to find out that there were only six tracks on the album, and half of them were Winnie The Pooh related. 

Looking at the tracks of the album, I kind of rolled my eyes when I saw "Let It Go" from Frozen as the first track. After a few seconds, I did realize that this album came out a year after the animated movie did, and Disney was still riding the waves on the whole Frozen phenomenon.

I sampled the tracks and was immediately impressed with two tracks, "Let It Go" and "Tsum Tsum Vroom". For some time, I couldn't get "Let It Go" out of my head. I started to hum it sporadically throught the day after hearing the sample. I even went on to YouTube to see if the music had been uploaded for listening pleasure. Sure enough, it was. After listening to the whole track, I quickly replayed it. After it finished, I replayed it. I found myself doing that quite a few times. I was enjoying hearing the song done in a Tsum Tsum musical format,and hearing Tsum Tsum sound effects in the background.

A couple days pass and I couldn't get the song Tsum Tsum version of "Let It Go" out of my head. It got to the point that I decided on purchasing the track. As I liked "Tsum Tsum Vroom", I decided on purchasing that track as well.  Before I clicked to confirm the purchase, a thought came to me. Since I am practically spending about half the cost of the album itself, why not spend the extra few bucks and just purchase the entire album. And so I did.

A few complaints about the album...
- "Let It Go" is the longest track on the album.
- Wish there was a variety of music on the album

I am hoping that if this music album is a success, that maybe Disney will create a Vol. 2 which will have more music and longer tracks.

After having it for about a week, "Let It Go" is still the most played track of the album, and so far I haven't gotten tired of it.

Would I recommend this album?

If you are a Tsum Tsum fan, a Frozen fan, a Winnie The Pooh fan, I would definitely recommend this album. And for the price, how can you go wrong.

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