Sunday, November 2, 2014

My Idea of Sleeping Beauty Castle for Disneyland's 60th Anniversary

Back in 2005, Disneyland was celebrating it's 50th anniversary.  It was a big celebration and a lot of things were represented in gold.

One of Disneyland's most famous icon, Sleeping Beauty Castle got in on the act with a fresh new paint job and tiaras on top of the spires.

Now in 2015, Disneyland will be celebrating 60 years, which is represented by diamonds.  Now I am not sure if Sleeping Beauty Castle will be getting any kind of make over for this special anniversary, because I haven't heard anything.

One thing I wish they would do is repaint Sleeping Beauty Castle as I have never cared for the pink and blue hues.

So here is my idea of what Sleeping Beauty Castle could look like for the 60th anniversary

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What do you think?


  1. they definitely wont be repainting the entire castle like the 50th. If you remember, the castle went under construction in september and was covered with scaffolding and blue sheets to be unvealed in spring for the anniversary. since the 60th will be revealed also in spring, this means that the castle would have already had to go under construction mode (which it hasnt and isnt planned on). now this doesnt mean that they wont add ribbons and diamond plaques all throughout the castle (which im hoping to god that they do). but i dont believe that they will spend all that money rennovating a castle that doesnt need rennovating. plus i believe disney is saving its money on a comeback for universals wizarding world of harry potter.

    1. Oh, yes. I remember how they covered the Castle with the blue tarps. And how they had cardboard cut outs of the Playing Cards from Alice in Wonderland on the tarp acting as though they are painting the Castle.

    2. Yes! i remember being so disapointed showing up to the park with the castle all covered up. it just didnt feel like disneyland. But going back to the 60th, what other special things do you think they will conquer? Silver ride vehicles? 60 hidden mickey anniversary plaques all throughout the lands like in 2005? the possibilities are endless. i just hope they go all out.

    3. Oh gosh, I wouldn't want them to repeat the 50th all over again with silver ride vehicles, hidden mickeys, or mosaics

  2. I like your design! The color scheme with the white base and blue spires remind me of Cinderella's Castle at WDW. I hope they do something like that with the diamonds on the castle, how fantastic would it be to have a sparkling diamond-y castle for the 60th?!