Friday, February 21, 2014

February, Not Just Busy During President's Day

What another gorgeous day for a visit to the Disneyland Resort.
Walking through Downtown Disney early this morning, there were a lot of people heading to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure

Made it through the bag check with little wait.

Disney California Adventure has quite a demand to get inside.

But Disneyland has little.  Maybe Disneyland had more turnstiles open than Disney California Adventure.

Even though the lines looked long, I chose one that got me in within 5 minutes of queueing up

Once inside, Disney California Adventure had just opened for the day

Redwood Creek Challenge Trail still under refurbishment

Shiny number tiles.

These were actually taken earlier in the week on Monday, when the Park was open late because of President's Day.  And even though the Park had been open for 10+ hours, these number tiles sure did hold up with little to no dirt

It's Duffy (and the Neverland Pirates)

Even after about 15 - 20 minutes of walking around the Park, the line for Radiator Springs Racers FastPass still stretched toward Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

In fact, the Radiator Springs Racers FastPass queue stretched all the way to Tower of Terror's FastPass distribution area.  Good thing Tower of Terror didn't have a demand for their FastPass ha ha

The Lone Ranger came out 9 months ago and there is still the small marquee sign for it on the facade backdrop wall of HollywoodLand.  Why haven't they changed it out for a movie that people have actually seen? You know... like "Frozen"

These trees and poppies are really blooming

Thank you bees

Disneyland time

Work continues of the cone of Space Mountain

This ladder reminds me of that Mountain Climber game on The Price is Right

I see smoke!
A fire?
No, just welding ... I think

Oh god.  A group of tween girls just saw me.  I hope they don't ru.... eh, too late. Here they come, running, or at least trying to.  Kind of hard to run fast with a heavy loaded backpack

You know, if it wasn't for some work being done here, I wouldn't have known that this was a "trail"
I mean, I have seen this part of the mountain before of Big Thunder, but I don't think I ever noticed the trail that ran towards the base of the mountain

Splash Mountain with the scaffolding gone

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was sending some test trains

One even got to ride it.  A WDI person I assume

Talking to her colleagues

Tulips! I love tulips

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage refurbishment

A Cast Member from the Disneyland Fire Department is up there with them

The Tiki Room exhibit has been taken out of the Disney Gallery portion inside The Opera House

The next exhibit will deal with Steam Punk

This sort of looks like Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars Episode 1

With Aladdin back from its refurbishment, I decided to check it out

Let the show... begin!

Smile for the birdie ha ha ha
... and no, he wasn't flipping us off.

Well that will conclude today's pictorial
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