Friday, March 15, 2013

Ugh! Visiting the Disneyland Resort While Not Feeling Good Is No Fun

This morning I woke up, not feeling so good.  I thought it was because I didn't sleep well as I was tossing and turning in bed. Once I got up and took my shower, I started to feel a little better. So I decided to head to the Disneyland Resort

Getting to the Resort around 8:30 am

Decided to go to Disneyland first this time

New Disneyland Guide Map with a few Disney Princesses

Fantasy Faire depicted in the Guide Map

With the Princesses having their new home at the Fantasy Faire, the Small World promenade is now vacant of poles, ropes, and umbrellas

Over at the Starcade...

Fix-It-Felix arcade game among others from the 80's

Checking out Fantasy Faire

Those eyes look scary!

A small section for stroller parking

The tulip lights remind me of the lights at Alice in Wonderland

The built in queue for the Disney Princesses

Several decorative items adorn the Fairy tale Treasures.  This clock reminds me of Pinocchio

A spinning wheel for Sleeping Beauty, a sewing kit from Cinderella. I am not sure what the open book is suppose to represent

Could the bow and arrow represent Mirida from Brave

A bucks of jewels from the Dwarfs mine and a hat resembling the kind that Peter Pan wears

The Fantasy Faire is almost hidden in the corner

Stroller parking for Fantasy Faire

The tarps have been removed from the Disneyland Railroad Main Street Station.  The sign now states a population of 650,000,000

Disney California Adventure time

The Big Top Toys window display has been changed out ... for the worst

Look at the bad cutouts of the different Disney dolls and stuffed animals

Who the f@#k thought this was better than what was there before?

This is really terrible

Both sides of Mater's Junkyard Jamboree now in operation with the new resurface

Mater's with the new resurface

Back at Big Top Toys window display

Really?!?  REALLY?!?

Who's decision was it to do this to the window display? In fact, who's decision was it to change the window displays along Buena Vista Street?

Whoever's decision this was, I don't know how they think this is better than what was designed for the windows.

Midway through my visit, I started to feel very nauseous and I started to not feel so good. So I was pretty much rushing through.  So I didn't get to stay for a show at the Royal Theatre or do some of the stuff I normally do while I am there.  So I may have to get that next week.

So this will conclude today's pictorial

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  1. In the photo where you ask what the open book was about, the candle next to it is right from the opening of Pinocchio, but the book is of course very different.

    1. You're right! The candle is like the one from the opening of Pinocchio

  2. The open book is right at the beginning of The Sword in the Stone "Higitus Figitus" song. It's one of Merlin's magic books.

    Hope you're feeling better, I enjoy your photo updates.

    1. Oh! I was trying to figure out what animated feature would have a magic book like that. Thanks for the info. :)

  3. Hope you're feeling better now. :)

    Once again, thanks for the updates.... totally agree with you, that window with the cutouts is AWFUL. Who thought the cutouts- the blurry ones, too! were a good idea? Tacky. Cheap, tacky. Tasteless, awful.

    1. I just wonder if these tacky window displays have had a possitive impact on sales

  4. Joseph Charles BowmanMarch 18, 2013 at 1:48 PM

    Fantasy Faire facades are very nice. With that being said, I think all this infatuation with princesses at DL is nauseating. I really wish this meet and greet trend never started. I feel bad for all those parents that get suckered into waiting 60+ minutes so their 4 year can take a picture with a face character. Oh well, where there is $ to be made Disney will suck you dry....

    1. I can understand. Because when you visit the Parks, it's like a majority of girls are dressed in princess attire.

      It's funny, cause people can wait, like you stated 60+ minutes to meet a face character, but heaven forbid if an attraction has a wait time of 20, 30, or 45 minutes ha ha.

      But then again, there are those who do the multi-day visits where one day would be dedicated on characters and/or shows.