Friday, March 22, 2013

An "Egg"-citing Time "Eggs"-ploring the Disneyland Resort

Was looking forward to today's visit to the Disneyland Resort, especially Disney California Adventure As part of Limited Time Magic this week one could do an Easter Egg hunt, for a nominal fee, and receive a gift for completing the hunt.

Let the hunt begin

New firetruck hats at Sarge's Surplus Store

Before Cars Land opened, remember when it was announced that there would be an interactive show on Route 66 called "Red to the Rescue" ? Fire hats based on the show are now being sold.  Not sure if they have always  had them, but didn't bring them out when Cars Land first opened because there was no "Red to the Rescue" show.  And if that's the case, they probably decided to bring them out now, 8 months later, with the idea that people would have probably forgotten about the once proposed "Red to the Rescue" show

Here is the link to the Disney Parks Blog about "Red to the Rescue"
Look Who's Rolling into Cars Land June 15 at Disney California Adventure 

I looked all over the the Egg.  But then I was pointed where it would have been

Someone literally stole the Donald Egg!  I was told that it will be replaced and should be hidden by noon

Grizzly River Run Down

Egg hunting completed

Back to Elias & Co to get my gift

The gift is valued at $12.95  ha ha

Oz: The Great and Powerful window display

Over at Disneyland...

Visiting the Fantasy Faire

Checking out the Royal Theatre's presentation of "Tangled"

Some lost and found items have been collected at the Faire and they need our help on who we think they may belong to

Mad Hatter of course!


This could act like a toothbrush .... or maybe a hairbrush! Which would make it belong to Ariel

What's this?


Have to ask Merlin about it. He's our only hope

Thunder Mountain refurb

Ugh! Parking structure

Stage lighting

Anyone want to play Messenger?

There's Donald's Egg!

That will conclude today's pictorial
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  1. I noticed the parking structure through the berm last week. It's especially noticeable at night. It did not used to be this way. It seems they had to clear some foliage from the berm there. Lets hope they replant and fill in the thinned out area soon.

  2. Yeah. Riding the Columbia around that back bend, it did look like there were some bare spots where trees would have been

  3. What is the location where you can see the parking structure? Where do you need to stand to see it?

    1. While on the Columbia, noticed it as it was passing by the Haunted Mansion. And you could see it all the way until it started to make the northern bend (before you are greeted by the Native American on horseback)