Thursday, September 13, 2012

Smiling Faces Adorn the Disneyland Resort

Getting dropped off in the newly redesigned drop-off / loading and taxi service area

The wall to the right of Disney California Adventure's entrance received poster art

Heading into Disney California Adventure

These Disneyland Annual Passholder signs were outside this entry gate.  Does that mean that AP's get their own entry turnstile?

Flags still half staff because of the US Embassy incident...

It was hot today.  What a nice way for the little ones to cool off in front of the Little Mermaid attraction

Remember, it's Coca-Cola you're drinking

Wee! No hands!

Was this sign always painted with the red boarder? Thought it was the teal green

Caught another Instant Concert: Just Add Water, conducted by Goofy

I am glad the woman in white in the back is smiling. I had noticed her while looking at the pics and it look like she wasn't enjoying it.  I am glad she did :)

During this trip of Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, it was the song where he forgets the lyrics

After the song ends, Mater says a few lines before the gates open.  Well, it looks like they have shortened the talking part (not the song itself). He no longer says "Can you believe I made that whole song up...".  Now after the song ends, Mater just jumps to "Now grab your stuff....and always remember something, Dang Gum!".

The reason they shortened it was because it would overlap the automatic gate spiel

Now over at Luigi's Flying Tires

The use of a temporary entrance for the Animation Academy while they get ready for Frankenweenie

Whoa! Two Five and Dime performers with sunglasses on!  Are they 1930's approved? They look modern to me

Disneyland getting ready to celebrate HalloweenTime

Tarps at Princess Fantasy Faire

With Indian Jones closed for refurbishment, Adventureland is not cluttered

One of the pirate maidens is trying to snag some perfume

Wow! Why are they all just standing around talking to each other? Don't they have little boys or girls that need dressing up?

Oh! I guess not

The Halloween Tree is back

Over at Casey Jr...

That bridge is to' up!

Strict rules when crossing the bridges

Ooo, this needs washing.  When you have an itch, you can't scratch it. You have to pat it

I can't wait to get away from those children, get in the back, and in some nice a/c

Looks like they installed netting to catch the falling leaves.
Hmm... Jungle Cruise Cast Members have supposedly asked for netting around their boats for years cause little kids keep getting their fingers pinched between the boat and the dock.  But some leaves fall on the Princesses and over night, netting is installed

Red Rocket Pizza Port

I almost walked into this manequin and thought it was a real person. It scared me and one of the Store CM's noticed and chuckled

Star Tours II now only 25 minutes!

Periwinkle joins Pixie Hallow

Oh, looks like they were expecting me!  But I didn't go in :(

"Wait.. they expect me to believe we are on a vine when all I see is plywood underneath me?"

Princess Fantasy Faire construction

Inside the Toy Story Shuttle Bus

That will conclude today's pictorial

Thanks for stopping by and checking it out.

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