Friday, September 7, 2012

I Came All This Way and Everything Is Closed

An afternoon visit to the Disneyland Resort

Walking to the Disneyland Resort, I stop by to take a look at the "old" 15 min lot.  It now has a new set up. As you can see, there are no more parking spaces, just three thru lanes. Reopens 9/7/12

A place for pedestrians to walk as they are picked up or dropped off

Taxi service will also take place here

The old 15 min sign

Work being done on the west side of Disney California Adventure's entrance

After passing through Disney California Adventure's gates, I realized that Disneyland was closing early, so I made a U-turn, exited Disney California Adventure, and headed to Disneyland

Doesn't look crowded heading into Disneyland.  But of course, it's like 2:30pm

A special private event is the reason for the early closure

We have benches. Lots of benches for the Parade

City Hall under wraps

Helium balloons for purchase

Christmas decorations only on selected buildings

Princess Fantasy Faire construction continues

Supposedly new safety enhancements will be installed

Thunder Mountain was suppose to go down for a long refurbishement but was rescheduled.  Probably because that would put too many attractions down, especially with the number of high profile attractions down at this time

I hope that we get the back wheel again

Over in New Orleans, more Pirates have taken over the Court of Angels

Mansion closed for its Holiday transformation

Indy closed for refurbishment

Too bad Donald wasn't in the spot the Big Bad Wolf is in

Coke Corner's arch was recently removed.  I think it looks so much better without it.  It opens up the patio nicely

Now that Fantasmic! is part of the "Glow with the Show", the new ears can be bought inside Disneyland

Let's have some Make Believe now

Alright Trolley! To Buena Vista Street and beyond!

Another balloon vendor

Soarin' had a 10 minute wait

Instant Concert: Just Add Water

Did I do that?

Luigi's Flying Tires

Wow, 20 minutes!

This cart doesn't belong on a beautiful street as this

Love how they even include the "Storyteller's Statue" in the play set

Some Halloween glasses merchandise

Haunted Mansion inspired black derby

As I was leaving, many people were headed to California Adventure since Disneyland was about to close

That will conclude today's pictorial

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