Thursday, November 3, 2011

Christmas Time Creeps into the Disneyland Resort

Compared to a windy and dry day yesterday, the weather today was near perfect for a visit to the Disneyland Resort

Walking along Harbor Blvd, checking out the backside of the mountain range of Cars Land

Supposedly will be getting ripped out starting Monday.. Guess we'll see, since that was supposed to happen back in January too..

Construction for Disney California Adventure's Buena Vista Street

A little bit of Christmas can be seen while walking through the temporary entrance of Disney California Adventure

An alley of wreathes

Hopefully they will plug the lights in

Even the Paradise Pier restaurant dinning area is getting a little dressed up for the holidays

The back side of the wreath as we head out of the dinning area by the Paradise Pier parade gate.  This one on the entrance next to Screamin'

Looking at it from the front

- Mickey's Fun Wheel -

Looking at Cars Land construction from the fun wheel

Cozy Cone Motel food stations

Luigi's Flying Tires and Flo's V8 Cafe

Radiator Spring Curios

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

A closer look at one of the cones of the Cozy Cone Motel

Someone was playing with the wait time signs.  60 min for non-swinging and 0 min for stationary. ha ha. It was such a slow time that there wasn't a wait for either side

Walking up the ramp past California Screamin', a close up look at part of the backside rock work of Cars Land

Duffy's little corner got in the Christmas spirit

There is even an snow bubble

From the Blue Sky Cellar patio, looking towards Cars Land

Looks like decoration pieces for Luigi's Flying Tires

Looking at Radiator Springs Courthouse

Bubble wrap on some of Mater's lamps

A sculpture of the organ player in the Haunted Mansion, with working LED lights in the skulls

Saw this in Off the Page

Carthay Circle Theatre

Some new information posters let Guests know where they can find specific items that were once in the Greeting's Store

Heading out of Disney California Adventure

More frame work for the area that is just inside the main entry gate to Disney California Adventure

More frame structures can be seen peeking over the wall

Eye hooks have appeared along the rim of the entry gates to Disney California Adventure.  Possibly for Christmas decorations

- Disneyland -

Main Street pretty much back to normal for a short time before the Holiday Time kicks in

More set pieces for the Christmas Day Parade

A wreath with a big tacky blue bow.  Likely just for the parade taping

 Monorail time!

Taking the Disney Monorail to check construction work for Buena Vista Street

Can see some of the frame structures rising up

Br'er Bear ... in Fantasyland

The "small world" gift shop's flooring being placed in

Over in Toon Town, Christmas decorations have started to appear

Are they trying to down play Christmas with that tree?  Each year it seems to get worse and worse.. I miss the one several years ago where the top was drooping from being overloaded with ornaments..

Minnie's Christmas tree

Mickey's Christmas tree ..  Again not as nice as in the past

Over in New Orleans Square...

Pirates of the Caribbean's light house flag pole has a ball on top again. It has been missing for several years

More beads draped along the railings

Light strung across the streets of New Orleans Square

The details are great!

This sign can mainly be seen from the train, but they still decorated it

Christmas comes to Critter Country

Nice bright red Oak tree at Pooh's new meet 'n greet

Pooh's tree is better than Mickey's!  ;-)

Again ruining the forced perspective of the Castle with same-sized garlands

New Angel antenna toppers this year

Happy New Year 2012 ear hats

That will conclude today's pictorial.
Thanks for you patience and stopping by to take a look

Until Next Time...

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